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The Pigskin "P" Popper Show. 2017 gds.

As a kid I would awake to the sounds of Joe Rumore, WVOK, the mighty 690 and Duke Rumore, WYDE, 850, on the radio. WVOK would reach all the way to Sand Mountain and I would listen as Joe would play 10 songs. If you were the first to call in with correct titles you would win the records. I made a habit of doing this, so much Mr. Rumore told me he would send me some 45's if I would give some other people a chance. Two of those records were about Johnny Musso and Archie Manning. I used them to make my first two sports videos while I was in college.

Tom York and Pat Gray had a college football show that aired every Friday during football season on WBRC 6 and they would show you the ranikings on a board in the studio. Tom would tell you who was going to win and Pat would tell you the weather for the game. It made an indelible mark on my life.

Tommy Charles would do sports on WIAT with one sheet of paper and a great memory. It was a great time for media and radio in Birmingham.

John Forney, one of my heroes, broadcast the Alabama games with his southern golden coffee voice . He would give you a vivid detailed imagery of the battle that was occuring on the field. He was never negative. His cohost, Doug Layton was one of the best color commentators I have ever heard. I have hear a lot. He never was given credit for his basket ball play by play. His call at the NIT of Glenn Garrett's last second shot is a clssic.

Gary Sanders, the WAPI and Auburn football announcer was so good Bama fans would listen, especially if Auburn was beating Tennessee.

So why all the fervor over radio and sports. Very few games were on tv during my youth, Maybe 3 a year, The above mentioned brought the games to life.

I would meet John Forney years later. I would like to think I was his friend. One of my first jobs was to restore the 1971 USC game from a broken 8 track. It was repaired but on backwards. I recorded the audio and luckily years later I used a computer to reverse the sound and restored one of the classic games in Alabama football history. The unveiling of the wishbone offense and Coach Bryant's 200th win. It was the first game I had listened to as a kid. I still remember asking my dad what a wishbone and red wood forest were. Mr. Forney described our defensive line as a red wood forest.

Now why did I write all of this . Maybe you might want to know, if you have put up with my poor grammar and jabber this far. Heres why.

A car wreck, lung surgery, and open heart surgery in the last few years had rattled my spirit. Three times I went down for the count during heart surgery, but I hung on. My voice and body took a beaten, but I figured it was time to put 4 fingers in the air.

Football, the greatest game of life created....and its life lessons, taught me not to quit , and Mr. John Forney gave me a poem about winning in life I kept in my pocket for 20 years. He was also a big fan of the great Leonard Postero, like I was. He told me one day I should do a show like the old days.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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